1. 2 x travel bags
1a. 1 x bag for all your kit
1b. 1 bag for 2 nights – for a change of casual clothes and cycling gear etc. Space is limited, hence the request for you to leave 1 bag behind which will be kept at The Wild Coast Sun.
2. Spares for the ride – tubes, bombs, chain links etc. We will have spares in the support vehicles for any major technical issues.
3. Nutrition such as energy bars as well as your preferred energy drink
4. We will also be bringing Biogen which will be sufficient for the riders for the 3 days
5. Sunblock
6. Waterproof bags for personal items on the ride
7. Towel
8. Costume
9. Shark repellant – if you are a Bulls supporter
10. Riding kit and casual clothes – it does get chilly at night
10a. 3 pairs of cycling kit
10b. A riding rain jacket – just in case
10c. 3 pairs of cycling socks
10d. If you have a spare pair of cycling shoes, bring them

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