Fitness & Skills Levels

Cycling in the Wild Coast is moderate to tough. You need to be reasonably fit.

If you are adequately fit and are competent on a mountain bike with intermediate to good handling skills, then this is the ride for you. The fitter the better, and the more you will enjoy the ride.

Skills: basic off-road riding skills are required as some areas can be fairly technical.

Terrain: The terrain is natural as there are no prepared tracks, Most tracks are animal tracks. There will be some beach riding. There will be river crossings and some rocky surfaces where you will need to carry your bike – these are mostly at river crossings.

There are some steep ascents and descents, some district roads and grassy hills. At all times, the scenery, be it in the nature reserve or on the trail, is simply out of this world.

Gradients and technical trail features: Most gradients are moderate but undulating, and it does include some steep sections.

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