What to expect

• We have two to three major river crossings on Day 1 and Day 3. But this is Africa – we have alerted the guys who we contract for boat crossings to be there on time, but we can wait, so bring a book and be patient. This is dependent on tides, so we may only need to wade through the rivers.
• There is no cell phone signal for almost the entire trip – we will have satellite phones and can be contacted. The number will be forwarded to you.
• Emergency support – we have alerted ER24 of our ride and if a life threatening incident occurs, we have a helicopter on standby. If the injury consists of a broken collar bone etc we will need to make use of the support vehicles.
• Single track – here are wonderful paths to ride, but be careful – soil erosion may run in the opposite direction to the path so you may well find yourself heading in one direction and your bike in the other. Do not race the single track.
• Route – this may change as and when as we ride according to conditions – if there is a strong headwind, we will not ride on the beach.
• Water tables – these are mostly spaza shops, so bring small denomination notes to buy coke, water, snacks etc. There are also a few shebeens on the way, so expect to drink milk stout quarts or Amstel or Black Label quarts.

Most importantly: Know we have 3 deadlines which have to be met. Thereafter, we are on African time, so please don’t expect a detailed itinerary. We are here to enjoy ourselves and have fun.

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